Ilfracombe Trawler

I haven’t posted anything art wise for some considerable time, over a year. Art comes in my forms and yes this was a photograph I fell in love with of a trawler at low tide and asked the photographer if I could use it. A year later nothing.

I played around with it digitally and then in anger scrunched it up into a ball and threw it!

Then it dawned, what if I unraveled it and scanned it?

Yesterday I showed it to the chap after a year and although it’s not art in the classic sense, the harbour side has now taken on a whole new rock strata and the cliffs, a whole new dimension.

I got a lovely leaving gift from work a very valued voucher for art supplies and I would love to create again, unfortunately my mind decides when I can and when I can’t. I just wanted to share, hopefully share some more soon.

Ilfracombe Trawler.